Our insolvency services

  • Debt Relief
  • Reorganization
  • Bankruptcy
  • Offer for sale of property
  • Disposal
  • Moratorium

What you should know about insolvency

Information for debtors

This page is intended exclusively for debtors for whom Langmeier & Co., Insolvency Administrators v.o.s. has been newly appointed as insolvency administrator (or insolvency administrator). A list of insolvency proceedings and insolvency administrator's premises is provided here. Pursuant to Section 210 of the Insolvency Act, we hereby request you to provide us with the following information:

  • Your contact details, including email address and telephone number;

  • An overview of all your assets, especially real estate, motor vehicles, debts, securities (shares, bills, etc.) and other valuables such as.

  • An overview of your accounts and deposit books, including information on which money institutions you have them with and information on their current balances;

  • Information about your employment. If you are not employed, please state your means of livelihood;

  • Indicate whether you have any creditors who are habitually resident, domiciled or established in a Member State of the European Union other than Denmark. If so, please provide as precise a specification as possible of such creditors;

  • If you are not a legal person, please indicate your living expenses, your marital status and whether you have a maintenance obligation or whether you have a person living with you to whom you have a maintenance obligation;

  • If you are a corporation or a business, send a complete set of company accounts, including a cash register, a list of current contracts and a list of debts to the insolvency practitioner's registered office. In addition, provide the insolvency practitioner with a medium-term outlook for your business;


Please send the requested information and any attached documentation to the data box of the insolvency administrator, by email or by post to the address of the insolvency administrator's registered office. If the information and documents requested above are the same as the information you have provided and the documents you have attached to your application for the authorisation of the insolvency proceedings (in particular because they are up-to-date), please confirm only their accuracy and timeliness.

In accordance with the provisions of Section 188(1) in conjunction with Section 210 of the Insolvency Act, we hereby invite you to comment on all submitted applications for claims of your creditors, which will be published in the Insolvency Register. In particular, we ask you to state whether or not you accept the claims filed by the creditors, to what extent and why.

If objectively possible, please attach copies of relevant documentation (e.g. contracts, account statements, etc.) to all your answers to the above questions.

Insolvency law services

As part of our activities as an insolvency administrator and the provision of legal services in the field of insolvency law, we provide the following services:

  • Processing of insolvency (creditor, debtor) proposals, applications for claims;

  • Processing of proposals for the authorisation of debt relief (so-called. Personal bankruptcy;

  • Drafting of reorganization plans;

  • Preparation for review and special review hearings, creditors' meetings, creditors' committee;

  • Representation of creditors and debtors in insolvency proceedings and creditors' bodies;

  • Writing of incidences and representation in such disputes;

  • Communication with courts, debtor, creditors;

  • Processing of proposals for deletion of companies from the Commercial Register after bankruptcy, liquidation;

  • Complete economic and organizational consulting;

  • Liquidation of companies (judicial, out-of-court);


Sale of assets

When selling property, whether movable or immovable, we cooperate with executors Mgr. Ing. Jan Vrána, Mgr. Daniel Vlček, JUDr. Erik Smola. We also cooperate with OK dražby s.r.o., XP invest, s.r.o., Aequitas Real Estate s.r.o. We advertise on the portal https://www.burzaspravcu.cz/.