Are you going through a divorce and don't know how to proceed? Do you need representation in divorce proceedings? Are you in a dispute over child custody arrangements? Are you unsure about child support? Do you need someone to support you in ongoing litigation? Has a loved one left you an estate?

  • Divorce: We will prepare a proposal and acquaint you with the course of the entire procedure. We will attend all court hearings with you. Legal representation is appropriate for both contested and uncontested divorces.
  • Cancellation of registered partnership: We will prepare a proposal and familiarise you with the procedure.
  • Minor Child Arrangements and Maintenance: We will mediate between you and the other parent of the minor child in this often tense and challenging situation, where a third non-participating party can be both an asset and a solution to the whole problem. We will negotiate an agreement for you to modify your relationship with the minor, or represent you in these proceedings or in a child support proceeding before the court. If the other parent is in breach of a court-ordered regime, we will represent you in enforcement proceedings or recover unpaid alimony.
  • Spousal support, child support for an unmarried mother.
  • Settlement of community property: We will assess how much of the community property you are entitled to, whether any exclusive assets can be set off and then draft a community property settlement agreement or bring an action to represent you.
  • Division of Marital Property: We will assess what portion of the marital property you are entitled to, whether it is possible to consider any exclusive assets, and then prepare a proposal for an agreement on the division of marital property or file a lawsuit, where we will represent you.
  • Representation in court proceedings
  • Inheritance: We will help you prepare the estate in the event of death. We will analyse whether it is more beneficial to gift the property or include it in your will. We will guide you through the inheritance proceedings and help you resolve disputes arising in relation to inheritance (e.g. in relation to joint ownership of property).

Family disputes are always a very sensitive matter for both parties, so we strive to approach our clients professionally with consideration for the sensitivity of the entire case. We are a support for our clients and try to assist them in out-of-court resolutions as well.

Mgr. Filip Shrbený

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