• Were you going too fast? Did you cause an accident? Have you received a prosecution order and don't know what to do? Have you been summoned for questioning? Do you need help for your loved ones who are in trouble ?
  • Legal advice at all stages of criminal prosecution: We will propose a strategy for your defence, thoroughly discuss your case with you and outline the appropriate steps to take. We will participate with you in the interrogations and all court hearings.
  • Criminal Defence
  • Representation of minors
  • Filing criminal complaints: We will consult the whole matter together and help you formulate a criminal complaint.

We provide complete legal services in misdemeanor proceedings

  • We will represent you before administrative bodies and accompany you during interrogations.
  • Legal advice on drafting a proposal to initiate misdemeanor proceedings
  • Consultation on the committed offense
  • Traffic violations

Assistance to victims of crime – Assistance to victims of criminal acts

  • Assistance with drafting a claim for damages
  • Interrogations and court proceedings – We will accompany you to interrogations and court hearings

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