Do you need to draw up employment contracts for your employees? Are you dealing with problems with employees and do not know whether it is possible to terminate the employment relationship by giving notice? Are you confused about the operation of employment agencies and agency employment? Do you need to introduce whistleblowing in your company?

We provide comprehensive legal services in labour relations for employers and employees

We offer employers
  • preparation of work contracts, agreements on work performed outside the employment relationship and internal work regulations according to individual requirements
  • termination of the employment relationship – preparation of terminations, immediate termination of employment, protection against termination of employment in violation of the law
  • representation before courts and administrative authorities: We will provide you with all legal services, we will consult the whole matter together in advance and try to find a suitable solution. We will prepare you for the course of the negotiations and accompany you all the time.
We offer employees
  • Work contract, agreement on work performed outside the employment relationship and other documents related to the performance of work: we will prepare the work contract or agreement for you or consult with you the documents submitted for signature and warn you of any shortcomings or disadvantages for you.
  • Employee assistance in difficult situations: if you are experiencing bullying in the course of your employment, wish to report unfair conduct as a „whistleblower“, are being treated in breach of the Labour Code or are experiencing other conduct that you consider inappropriate, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.
  • Help with unlawful termination: We will consult with you about your situation and assess whether the termination was in accordance with the Labour Code. We will advise you on the situations in which it is more appropriate to reach an agreement or when you are entitled to severance pay.
  • Representation in court proceedings or dealings with administrative bodies.
  • Pursuing claims arising out of the employment relationship, claims arising out of an accident at work.


Introduction of Whistleblowing for companies:
We can help you to implement a whistleblowing system. We will analyze your internal documents and modify them to comply with current legislation. We will prepare all the necessary documents required by the Whistleblower Protection Act and help you set up an effective whistleblower protection system that will not only benefit your company in the field of communication with whistleblowers, but also help protect you from significant fines.

  • Consultation on whistleblowing options
  • Providing whistleblower protection in the event of a dispute

Agency employment

  • we provide a complete legal service for establishing and running an employment agency
  • we offer representation of the employment agency before administrative authorities
  • help resolve problems with assigned employees

„It is necessary to be cautious when signing an employment contract. Not every employment contract freely downloaded from the internet complies with the applicable Czech law. It is in your interest to sign employment contracts that are not beneficial to only one party and that provide fair terms to the weaker party. Think about possible complications in advance. “

Mgr. Filip Shrbený

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