Arca Capital

Our law firm is representing a number of creditors in the case of the Arca Investments a.s. group, both directly and through its subsidiaries, both in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.

We are working on the case with Radek Vojtek, Ph.D., attorney at law (see link to website



Our law firm represents a number of clients who have claims against C2H Equity a.s.

This group was founded and is led by Mr. Michal Mička and among the prominent companies that are part of this group are the clothing brands Pietro Filipi and Kara.


Krupa Global Investments

Naše advokátní kancelář zastupuje klienty, kteří jsou držiteli pohledávek za koncernovou skupinou KGI – Global Investments a.s.

Jedná se zejména o pohledávky za firmami Pozitive Energy, a.s., Arca Capital CEE, uzavřený investiční fond, a.s., BGQ Czech, a.s., NFA Holding, a.s. a Acquisition Capital a.s.


Premiot Group, a.s.

We offer you representation in the recovery of claims for members of the investment group Premiot Group, a.s. If you are the owner of a bond or promissory note issued by one of these companies and you have not received your money on time, please contact us.

We provide complete representation in the debt recovery process, including communication with the debtor and representation in court or insolvency proceedings.



Langmeier & Co. represents as its clients the creditors of the failed bank Sberbank CZ. Our services include proper filing of claims, representation in disputes with creditors or insolvency trustees, monitoring and promoting clients' interests in insolvency proceedings etc.

We provide services at a standard hourly rate, or according to an individual agreement with the client.