Information on the recovery of receivables from the investment group premiot group, a.s.


We offer you the possibility of representation in the recovery of claims for members of the investment group Premiot Group, a.s. If you are the owner of a bond issued by any company in the Premiot Group, a.s. group or own a promissory note issued by one of these companies and you have not been paid your funds on time, you can contact us and our firm can assist you with your debt collection. We offer representation in the entire debt collection process, especially in communication with the debtor, representation in court or insolvency proceedings.

We have extensive experience in representing creditors in the context of debt recovery, e.g. for Arca Investmets, a.s., Arca Capital Slovakia, a.s., for the C2H Group around Michal Mička or for companies around Ing. Pavol Krúpa. In this matter, we are already providing legal representation to Aequitas Financial Services s.r.o. (link to website), which is also a creditor. Aequitas Financial Services s.r.o. is a member of the Aequitas group, which deals, among other things, with restructurings and insolvencies and builds on the know-how in our insolvency practice.

Our aim is to bring together as many creditors as possible to be able to influence the course of the recovery process together to achieve the highest possible satisfaction for creditors. The more creditors that have a common position, the stronger position they will gain. At the same time, the longer creditors remain passive in the resolution of the case, the more the chances of satisfying their claims decrease.

If you intend to use the representation, please send us an email to info@langmeier.czthe following documents:

1) a power of attorney filled in and signed with your data,
2) a contract for the provision of legal services filled in and signed with your data,
3) documentation for claims (most often a framework agreement on investment cooperation, including any amendments and scans of bonds/swaps);


Upon receipt of these documents, we will review the documentation for the claims and send you a signed legal services agreement. For the actual recovery, we will still need to have the original bonds/notes as they will need to be presented to the relevant court or debtor. We will inform you about the method of their safe delivery. 

In case you are interested in our representation or in case of any doubts, please contact us at or by phone +420 222 200 250.