Comment on the allegations of Premiot Group, a.s.



I am writing to you because I feel it necessary to comment on the allegations made by Premiot Group, a.s. regarding my person, which are false. You have probably received by email a statement in which Premiot Group, Inc. warns of unfair and speculative conduct by Langmeier & Co., a law firm Ltd. and Aequitas Financial Services Ltd. To this I beg to comment that this is a defamation of me and the companies named and is merely a reaction to my being proactive and speaking out against those who owe you substantial sums of money.

I have been providing my clients with legal services in the field of debt recovery for a long time, which also includes representation of creditors in insolvency proceedings, which I specialize in, given that I am also an insolvency administrator in addition to an attorney. I have extensive experience in representing larger groups of creditors from other large insolvency proceedings of companies such as Arca Investments, a.s., Arca Capital Slovakia, a.s., companies around Ing. Pavol Krúpa or Michal Mička. I represent hundreds of clients in these proceedings and I try to help them all the time. These are large insolvency proceedings that are more or less publicized and in all of them I actively act against the debtor and try to defend the rights of creditors. 

I am not an attorney who "merely" represents creditors in insolvency proceedings and assists them in trying to recover as much of their claims as possible. I am not an attorney who works "quietly". I speak out publicly, I express myself in the media. And I don't always do it with diplomatic gloves on, as is usually the case with lawyers. And that puts me in the crosshairs of debtors who don't like it. I have already experienced similar attacks in connection with my active representation against Ing. Pavol Krúpa. 

Finally, I would just like to say that if you have any questions, you can contact me at any time and I will be happy to answer them;

Thank you for your kindness and time. 

JUDr. Jan Langmeier, MBA

lawyer and insolvency administrator